writings and circles 2012-2017

Painting the movement

Nina Urlichs does not paint the movement, but captures the imprint of the movement which makes shining
artworks, fragile and transitory as time. She uses layers of of paper
and thus accentuates the impression of movement. The long silhouettes or curved shapes have been softened,
so that only a faded trace remains: "I like to work with shadows and
Prints,all the transitory things that could disappear" . The shapes of bodies, filled with color,
become line and abstraction. The works from 2012 to 2017 are all in this sense: an exploration of everlasting
Move. The surfaces multiply and become dyptichon, triptychon and more.
The panels, aligned together, creates a single work that fills the entire wall and can be extended to infinity.

"Through our movements and gestures a body language is constructed.
Every second we communicate with our body.
These body movements leave traces
invisible outside the present moment, but forever in our memory.
In these fragments of time I find my inspiration and my gestural painting,
sober and synthetic, this language is transferred to the canvases and works on paper".

The bodies are always in a drive towards the outside and at the same time in search of inner meditation and reflection.
As in Asian Zen philosophy, in my works the empty space is as important as the treated or painted surface.