Press and bibliography

"Face à Face" Catalog 2018 ISBN 978-3-947198-08-5
"Bleu Profond" Catalog 2024 ISBN 978-3-00-078058-5
"Les ïles surgissent" Edition Carnet d'or / Quelque part ISBN 9782493696489
"L'inconnue de NY" Edition Carnet d'or / Quelques'unes ISBN

Media, Newspaper and journal articles:

1998 WDR, German publiv TV
1999 « Nürnberger Zeitung » (German daily paper)
2005 « Ouest France »/ (French daily paper)
2006 Journal de la Mairie du 4ieme Paris
2008 Edition Magazine Artscene France
2010 Kulturjournal, Würzburg, Germany
2011 Magazine Artscene Balt'art Paris
2011 / 2012 Journal de Troyes
2012 Edition 12/13 Le contre Annuarie, Paris
2013 presse regionale Suede
2018 Le journal de Troyes / Canal30 interview tv
2021 Le Monde Diplomatique august 21
2023 Aartonau (WEB)
2023 Visionary Art Magazine (Edition) NY
2022 Womenunitedartmagazine edition 5

"Nina Urlichs has been working for years on a very delicate task. The German artist, based in Paris, does not paint movement, but captures the imprint of this movement. She makes of the shadow a luminous and fragile work like time.

The result is of an extreme delicacy. Using the game of transparency that allows to superimpose several works and accentuate the impression of movement: the artist develops a fragile and powerful work at the same time, inert (by force of things)
and furiously "moved".

Even on paper, the long human silhouettes have been sponged so that only a faded trace remains"

« Ouest France 2005 »