Horizon - drawing project

Drawings are the basement of Nina Urlichs art. The origin. The first little drawing is the first step to the artwork.
Here her drawings, put together on different transparent materials, so typical for the artist Nina Urlichs,
shows particular women, seen and honored as heroes in their country,
or simple women falling out of their traditional all day duty. Strong and couragous Women, Women who have
left their comfort zone as feminist pioneers, who have faced dangers to live their political commitment and stand up for their rights.

The drawings on paper are put to collages, on, down under or beneath, with glue, or cut out, or even washing out .....up to
the ending composition. Portraits, hands and gestual expressions becoming sentiments and exciting moments.
That there are only small borders between joy and violence, short moments full of ambiguity, are evoked in these portraits.
They are painted in a manner to make see our all fragilities. They show that there are only inconspicuous boundaries between joy and violence,
short ambivalent moments.This ambiguity the artist wants to express with her drawing and convey to us.
That we humans are many feelings at once, united in our whole.

A horizon of fine gold is the basis and background of the pictures,
a horizon that connects and sublimates all portraits.