deeperness 2005-2015

Much of my artistic work is based on investigations of light and its shades. Here I mainly work with
Shadows, light-dark gradations, and overlays of transparent materials. Besides painting, glass, plexiglass
and uses multi-layered, transparent fabrics that reflect a duality, involving the viewer in deeper levels
and support the search for something tangible.

The body is here the human being and his emotions, they first appear in the foreground, but there are always appearing
existential questions during longer viewing. The body is often as if taken over, in its movement.
They represent our powerlessness in the face of events and catastrophes and point to consequences and changes in life.

The bodies are captured in waves and streams, barely recognizable. A path to abstraction becomes discernible.
And as in Abstract Painting, the only guideline here is the representation and awakening of emotions and feelings.