Nina Urlichs Biography

German artist Nina Urlichs deals with themes revolving around the human body and their expressions. Shortly upon graduating with a degree in fashion design, she turned toward the visual arts as a more appropriate means through which to continue and strengthen her research in body expressions.

Her experience working with the “new figuration” movement in Germany opened her eyes to the sensitivity and expression found within the gestures of the human body. Nina has created her own visual language of abstract calligraphy in order to capture the expressive nature of the human figure. Her work is based on the philosophy of a perpetual life cycle, characterized by an incessant appearance and disappearance. For this reason, faded traces of paintings, destroyed collages, and washed out colors on transparent canvas or paper are heavily used within her artworks. The lightness of these materials matches perfectly in her search of light and depth and for her creation within the layers. Through the creation process she explores the relationship between the intimate universe and the human body.

Nina Urlichs exhibited solo or with group exhibitions all over in Europe and in New York City. She participated in various Artfairs in London, Frankfurt and Munich as in Paris, France. In 2015 and 2016 she completed artist residencies in Chengdu, China and 59 Rivoli in Paris which marqued an important changment in her artworks, and recently she participated in the artresidency Borgomuseo Toscany Italy. She was awarded for Drawing at the FOndation Taylor Paris and finaliste into the in parisian séléctions for the David Weill Award and Fondation Feneon (1998). Articles and critics has been published in the Annuarle OFF, and Artscene magazine in France. Nina Urlichs currently lives and works between her studio in Paris and her hometown in Germany.