Bleu profond - dark blue - Photogramm

A timeless search of ephemeral moments in the life of the artist and in the creative working process
creative work process is painting with light. They are moments of inspiration, of beauty, which the artist can capture
creates in a few seconds by means of the photogram. She would like to share these seconds with
share them with people. A photogram is the possibility of painting with light, with time and by means of sunlight.
The photogram is the possibility to paint with light, to fix drawings on photosensitive paper with the help of time and the sun and to obtain beautiful deep blue shades.

When we learn to tune into our inner compass, we follow a map that is
that only we can see, our own path.

All the great spiritual traditions are intended to provide us with a roadmap to guide us to enlightenment.
to guide us on our individual journey to enlightenment. These roadmaps consist of
These roadmaps consist of morals, parables and, in some cases, detailed descriptions of mystical states.
mystical states. We often study the intricacies of the stories of a particular ascended master.
We often study the intricacies of a particular ascended master's stories in order to better understand our own story
and to find inspiration and guidance on our own. We often study the intricacies of the stories of a
particular ascended master. In the same way, when we plan a trip, we use maps and
trip, we take maps and guides to understand where we are going
we are going. However, in both cases, the journey has a life of its own and maps, while
are useful, they can only guide us so far. There is simply no comparison between looking
of a line on a sheet of paper and driving your own car on the road that line represents.

Single works on paper. Photosensitive paint. Fixation.