Bleu profond - Photogramm

Here blue dominates, a deep blue. A blue in infinite shades, derived from a photographic process: the cyanotype. As I don't work with photographic negatives, I use the term 'Photogram'. It consists of placing my drawings on paper soaked in a photosensitive liquid. Exposure of the work to sunlight, in daylight, allows a transformation in these multiple shades of blue. The whole forms a chiaroscuro, accentuated by abstract forms and enhanced drawings, where emptiness is predominant.

In fact it is a work, with layers done in complete darkness
and in the most beautiful daylight. So between the two there is the blue hour, the beginning of an evening, and the blue-pink of dawn, which at the same time expresses the end of the night. The titles "songe, et songe de nuit d'été" and "Paysage au clair de lune" were chosen for their promise of festivity, of summer nights, warm and pleasant nights, nights of myths and fantasies. An allusion to Shakespeare's famous work.
For me, blue is the colour par excellence, offering multiple nuances, possibilities of transparency and depth that no other colour allows.
Blue expresses eternity, the indefinite space surrounding and above us.
It's a calm, yet energetic colour, ideal for letting our human conditions, our dreams, our feelings and our nostalgia shine through.

Single works on paper and canvas, photosensitive paint, fixation.