The red lines - drawings

Drawings are the basis of the artist. The origin of her creativity. The first small sketch is the first step
to the finished picture.The drawings on paper are collaged, placed over and next to each other in compositions,
reworked by gluing, cutting, washing out. Red lines and horizons are here important elements in the composition.
They are interactions , coming from outside,
bringing mouvement and abstraction at the same time.

Portraits of people and hands become feelings,
to tense moments. They show that there are only inconspicuous boundaries between joy and violence,
short ambivalent moments.
This ambiguity the artist wants to express with her drawing and convey to us.
That we humans are many feelings at once, united in our whole.

Every portrait looks as if it could change in an instant. This is about visible lines in the motif, but also about
lines that can result from the arrangement of individual picture elements.

The line needs a surface to become visible and becomes a drawing. The surface in turn becomes the pictorial space,
which can tell anything from a random linear trace to a view. The lines stand for directions and horizons.
Free to be interpreted in anyone's mind, free to suggest directions from the past and for the future.
the future. These lines are open and seem to go far out of
frame, in search of new paths, like maps that only we can see
can see as we venture into the unknown territory of our own inner search.